Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to work I go...

Can you believe it is already time for me to go back to work? I can't... I'll miss getting to snuggle and hold my little Emmett. I know everything will be all right.. but I have to say the second time around is not any easier.
Cael loves to love on his brother.
I made a chocolate cake today... My sister's recipe. It wasn't quick but it was worth it.. Homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...

Ain't I cute?? I love the fun rompers..
Emmett loves his baths.
Talk to you guys soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Emmett is 8 weeks old!!

8 weeks has flown by... Emmett is such a happy baby. When he is not looking like an angel sound asleep he is typically bright eyed and grinning. Last night he slept almost 7.5 hours!!! It was heavenly. Mommy needed it because she had long day yesterday. My day started at about 6:30am and went until about 10:30pm without a nap. The day included a trip to the gym, which I am quite proud of. I just need to keep it up... we'll see with returning to work next week.
Emmett is such a big boy. Yesterday he wore 6 month T-shirts... I know each brand runs differently but he is still so BIG.. Cael did not wear this Gator shirt until he was 3 months old.:)

Emmett loves to watch his big brother. Whenever Cael is talking or playing with mommy and daddy, Emmett is already watching his every move. Cael has been so helpful with Emmett. He takes his dirty diapers to the 'diaper garbage', he helps burp him, he kisses him, gives him hugs, and wants to hold him. So cute. He has the occasional jealous moments but for the most part he has been great.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"Play with girls"

We had more visitors stop and see us late last week. The David Bryan family is on a family vacation and fortunately was able to stop in Lincoln on their route to Salt Lake City. David is one of Mark's oldest and dearest friends, and the best man from our wedding. Mark calls David's parents 'mama' and 'papa' because they mean so much to him and because he spent so much time with their family. It was so nice to visit with him, his wife, his kids, and Mama and Papa Bryan. Here are some photos from their visit.
Wendy is the eldest, 7 yrs old. She is so smart. She wrote Mark and I a special note to tell us how much she loved us.
Mama Bryan made some over easy eggs for those who like it. :) The Bryan family likes to eat white rice with their runny eggs.. Something new I learned.

Little David (the third) is about 14 months old. What a cutie! Mr Inquisitive was checking it all out.
Here is Mama, Papa, and Lupita at the park... SWEATING as the children ran around.

Diana (5 years old) and Little David spinning around.

I raced Cael to the top.

Uncle David helped Cael go across the monkey bars... We are already trying to build up that upper body strength. :)
Cael loved playing with the 'girls' especially Diana. He chased her around the house and took her down to the ground.
This was a rare moment when he landed on top as usually he would pull her down on top of him because she is so much bigger. HILARIOUS!!! I am glad to see he appreciates the ladies! :)
Once he left he kept asking for the 'girls.' I wish they could have stayed longer but they had their trip mapped out.

Daddy bought Cael a pool to play in. It was fun to watch him splash around.

Oh and check out the 'family truck' in the background. Yep, we bought a truck. Mark has been wanting one for some time so we took the plunge. :) Not really... I love driving it as well.
Take Care!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My cute boys

Emmett is smiling!!! His first true smile was to his daddy. Mark was holding him and talking to him when he smiled back. We tried to catch it on camera but failed at the time. The last 3 or 4 days he has been so happy in the mornings. Once he is up and has eaten he will kick and smile to himself in his swing or bouncy chair. His legs and arms are just going as he smiles. Precious!!! I took these two pictures this morning...

Tuesday Cael was home from daycare because he had a fever the day before. Both my boys did not want to wake up from their afternoon naps that day.
When I went into Cael's room to wake him up after 2 hours he said, "no" and closed his eyes. This is him as he continued to slumber...
Who disturbs my slumber?!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not much new...

Emmett is relaxing and it is almost time for me to get Cael so I'd thought I just blog a bit. :)
I bought some collage picture frames from Hobby Lobby a week or so ago and so I've been going through pictures to decide which ones to use. I bought a frame for each boy. There are so many cute pictures of Cael from over the years it is hard to pick the 6 I need for this project. Do I include ones from when he was an infant or just recent ones? And then Emmett has only been around 7 weeks (to the day as a matter of fact), and it is true what they say... you don't take as many pictures the second time around. I have some cute ones of Emmett, don't get me wrong, but not as many. I know what I need to do...TAKE MORE PICTURES!
There were about 3 weeks when Emmett was super fussy until about 1am. That is no longer an issue (yippee), though he still stays up until 11ish before going down for the night. It wouldn't be so bad if he would sleep until 6 but he is still waking up at about 4 or 4:30. Hopefully in the next week and a half his belly will continue to grow and he will be able to sleep longer. :) I go back to work on Monday, 07/19. I have mixed emotions about it of course. I am excited to have something else to think about, yet I don't want to leave my little guy. I admire the stay at home moms who can do it all. And I'm so appreciative of my mom who was a single mother for so many years. I love my boys but when they are crying at the same time, Cael won't go to bed, and Emmett needs to nurse, I am ready to pull my hair out. Of course the next minute they are angels and I am ready for a 3rd. :) Just kidding! Not quite. We are thinking of waiting 3 years before that next step... that way Cael will be in kindergarten and Emmett will hopefully be ready for a baby.
I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend! Mark was able to have a LOOOOONG weekend which was really nice. He took me to see Eclipse last Thursday during the day, Friday we had some routine doctor appoints, Saturday we went to the pool and had friends over to watch the UFC fights, Sunday we went over to friends for a party, and Monday we recuperated. Here are Cael's latest measurements:
Length: 36.5 inches, 93 percentile
Weight: 31 lbs 13 oz, 88 percentile
His head is still in the 100 percentile! I think it was 20.5 inches :)
Emmett's next appointment is the week of 07/19 and I am sure he'll weigh in around 13 lbs... we'll see.

I hope you all are well!