Sunday, February 7, 2010

Counting and singing the ABC's...

Cael is now counting to 10 on his own. It is so darn cute. He does not quite get the concept of actually counting objects, but he starts with one and counts all the way to ten.

Cael's favorite thing to do all day while playing is singing the alphabet. He has been making little sounds while he plays for a while. Mark and I thought he was singing but could not tell what he was singing or saying. Well, now it is crystal clear. At least to us, his parents. He sings from A all the way to Z. The more clear letters he says are F, K, P, S, T, X, Z. I try to sing with him enunciating the more difficult letters for him. He, like most kids, says the "L,M,N,O" fast and cute like it is just one letter. :)

One of our favorite songs is Popcorn Popping. He now will do all the motions and gets all excited when I start singing it.

The cutie is a dancing fool. Turn on something with a beat and here he goes. I need to make a video and post it. Yesterday we were Skyping with my mom and she got to see the stud. He has started doing this thing where he straddles and walks.. He then will go down on his hands and for a minute there I thought he was going to start spinning on his head. I am going to have a brake dancing son. :)

The pregnancy is going well. I have another routine appointment tomorrow. So far I am measuring as normal and all is well. I was not feeling well a couple of weeks ago but feel great now.

Love you all!