Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Adjustments

The handsome big brothers... they love taking care of Wyatt.  Both Cael and Emmett have been a little wild but I guess that is to be expected.  We are all adjusting to having another baby. 
 They love to hold him, talk to him, and kiss him on the head.

 Mommy is so glad the little guy is out and is doing so much better.
 Making sure I spend time with the older boys and not just holding the baby all the time... They let me take my naps though and have been understanding of the time it takes me to feed Wyatt.
 Family bonding over some Skippy Jon Jones!  Love that character.  If you are not familiar check it out... A Siamese cat who thinks he is a chihuahua.
 Oh and my boys are ninjas or some type of super heroes in training. :)
 Cael loves to jump off of things... I'm afraid one day he will land, breaking his leg or foot or something.  And you can see his younger brother is starting to be brave as well.  
 We love having little Wyatt.  Emmett says he is his best friend. :)

Wyatt is 4 Weeks Old Today!

This is from today.  How handsome!  His hair always looks like this.  :)
Rock and roll!!!
When he comes out of the bath I try to come it down but it doesn't last long. 
 These extra skinny legas are frome a couple of weeks ago.  He was hanging out for some tummy time and playing with this toy.
 I love the carseat cover my sister in law made.  It keeps him warm and snuggly.
 Daddy time!
 Here is the missionary comb over shortly after a bath.  Once it dries it fluffs right up.
So we finally got the eating going well.  It took some time and patience but we are doing much better.  We had an appointment this last Friday and he was 9lbs and 8oz.  We have another appt on Thursday this week so I'll see how much he is growing.  He eats like a champ though.  That was frustrating but I am glad we pushed through it.  Thank you mom and Mark for helping me!
I have 5 more weeks of leave so I am trying to enjoy and appreciate every minute before I have to go back.
Love to you all!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not gaining weight...

I am not talking about me.  Of course at this point I want to lose weight and I am happy to say that I am down 30lbs which is AWESOME!.  About 20 more to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yes, I am admitting I put on WAY TOO MUCH this time around.  Maybe next time I'll do better... :)  That was just a tease... not sure if there will be a next time.  We will wait and see.
So Mr Wyatt is not gaining the weight he needs to.. unfortunately he continued to lose after we got home.  Feeding him is more of  challenge.  My older boys took to nursing and helping themselves like champs but this little guy requires encouragement.  I guess it goes hand in hand with me being so dilated for so long without going into labor.  Wyatt will be stubborn perhaps.
So I am nursing, pumping, and then giving him my expressed milk in a syringe to try to force him to eat what he needs to gain the wait.  It is stressful and frustrating... I've shed quite a few tears but I know we can do this.  He also has MSPI like my other guys - intolerances to milk and soy proteins.  So I have started my diet. 
I am glad my mom has been here to help with the boys.  Mark was able to go home for several days to see his parents so that was good.  The boys and I missed him terribly. 
Well that is it for now.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wyatt is here!

I know many of you are friends with Mark on Face Book so I guess this is old news. :)
On Monday, 8/6/12, I was 36 weeks pregnant and my doctor 'checked' me and told me I was 4cm dilated and 50% effaced.  She told me she thought I'd have a baby in the next week.  The next day my back ached all day and I was having contractions though they were not constant.  The thought of being so dilated and my third baby I was afraid of not making it to the hospital on time.  So I called the doctor late afternoon and they told me to go to the hospital to be monitored.  (Thank you Trio and Paul for watching the boys!)  I ended up being dehydrated so I got two bags of fluid and a smooth muscle relaxer which stopped my contractions... It was that week that I decided to speak with my boss about working from home going forward until the baby came. 
So the next Monday, 8/13, I was 37 weeks and still 4cm dilated.  Again the doctor said she probably would not see me the next time.  She also asked if I make it to 39 weeks would I want to be induced.  I said 'no' at the time because I just didn't believe I would make it that far.  Working from home helped me.. I was able to work all day, prevent my legs from swelling, and still felt like a part of my little growing family. 
So at my next appt, Monday, 8/20/12, I was 38 weeks.  At this point Mark and I have done all we could when it comes to wives tales and inducing labor.  This baby did not want to come out!  The doctor said I was 4 cm and about 75% effaced.  At this point I scheduled for an induction the following week if he wasn't here.  So Wednesday, 8/29, at 7:30am I would be induced if Wyatt did not come on his own. 
The next Monday, 8/27/12, I was 39 weeks and went in to be checked and my plan was to discuss the induction with the doctor so I would know what to expect and ensure she knew I wanted an epidural.  So she checked me and I was 6cm!!! She immediately said she wanted me induced that day.  Yippee!  But I was freaking out a bit because we had our mind set he would be coming on Wednesday. 
So anyway I had to meet Mark and the boys, and make arrangements for Cael and Emmett while we went to the hospital.  (Thank you Mandy and Andy for watching the boys!)
So we arrived at the hospital at about 12:30pm.  They hooked me up to monitors and all that and then we waited.  It was a busy day in labor and delivery so we were waiting for a doctor to be available.  At about 2:20pm the doctor came in and broke my water.  OUCH!  That was not comfortable.  I did not start to have contractions right away like I thought I would.  At 2:45pm I received my epidural.  Once the anesthesiologist was satisfied with everything the nurse turned me on my left side for a while.  The epidural was relaxing so I was dozing a bit while chatting with Mark.  I did not feel any substantial contractions coming on and when checked after a hour or so there was no change in dilation.  So they turned me over to the right side.  It seemed not long after that move I began to feel contractions coming steadily.  At about 5pm the nurse came in and said the doctor had called as she was going to leave the office and head home unless I was ready for her.  So the nurse checked me and I was 10cm!!!  The doctor seemed to be there within minutes and we were ready.  While I was pushing the doctor commented on a lot of hair so then everyone in the room was looking at his hair and commenting.  At 5:16pm Wyatt Talmage Morgan was born.  And he was BIG.  When his head came out they all kinda gasped and made comments about him being a big boy. 
21 inches long
Mommy waiting patiently....
Mommy happy to see her healthy boy.

He does have tons of hair!  Crazy!  No one else in our family has hair like this.
Cael and Emmett were excited for Wyatt to finally be here. 
Do any new babies like their first baths???? It will be just a matter of time and then he'll love it!

Check out this cutie!!!!
Thank you Jennie for the car seat cover.  It came in handy for pictures as well. :)