Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Visit from Granny & Grandpa Morgan

We had lots of fun last weekend with Mark's parents in town.
Here are several pictures, capturing our activities....

Sweet Emmett!!
Cael being crazy... He loved his Grandpa.

Cael actually sitting still for a picture with Granny.
We went and played at a place called Lost and Fun. Cael had a blast.
He jumped into foam blocks.
Swung on a tire swing.
Burried himself in balls.
Slid down slides.

We went to the zoo in Omaha. It was HOT, but lots of fun!
Grandpa loving on Emmett as mommy figures out how to put on the front baby carrier.
Mommy trying to hide as she feeds Emmett.
Time for a hot dog and cold drink!
Ooooh! The desert dome.
I ain't afraid of a lion!
....because I am a lion :)
We went to the Lincoln Farmers Market
Cael loved listening to the different musicians.
Let's climb on the train!
'look at me!'
We sat and listened to the band play.
Cael got to play in the fire truck.

Daddy and I are sooo cool!

Granny loves the monkey boys!
Cael and Grandpa were buddies. He loved playing cars with him in the floor.


Friday, August 6, 2010

My growing boys...

So do they look as much alike right next to each other?

Cael's favorite movie right now is Cars. His favorite toys right now are his cars, Lightning McQueen and Ramone. We bought him one of those little rugs with roads on them to play with his cars. The roads just happen to be in Radiator Springs, the town from Cars.
Cael is saying more and more words... amazing. In the last 3 to 4 days 'because...' has become apart of his vocabulary. His sentences/phrases are now 3+ words. There are still times where I can't quite make out what he is saying because he starts speaking so fast.
Most of the time I forget that Cael is only 2... until he throws a tantrum or I have to change his big poopy diaper!
Cael loves his brother... It is so awesome to see him love on him. He even tries to share his favorite cars with him. He doesn't understand why Emmett can't play like him. Tonight he kept saying 'my brother..' so cute.
Emmett has adjusted well to daycare. My first two days back to work he slept 8 hours at night. Then the second week he was waking up after 4 hours, eating then going back to sleep. This last week we had some 4-7 hours, so we are still unpredictable. The teachers love him (not that I am surprised). He is such a little cuddle bug. On his first day there was another baby starting who was 12 weeks old (so almost 4 weeks older than Emmett) and it looked like Emmett could have eaten him for breakfast. My little tank is wearing 6 month clothes.
Emmett coos at us as he smiles and kicks. For the most part he is such a happy baby. Tonight as Cael was talking to him and playing with him he was so happy. He loves to watch his big brother.

Daddy & Cael in the Pool

What do you do to cool off?
Cael and Mark play in a kiddy pool :)

I thought I would be the one to relax and play in the pool but the water was TOO COLD for mama...
You know you are a redneck if.... just kidding. Playing in the pool in our driveway with country music playing in the background sure was fun!

Emmett's 2 month stats

13lbs 12oz
24.5 inches long
88th percentile
"I am not so little...."