Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cowboy Up!

We had a busy day today. We started by going to swim lessons. Emmett goes at 9:15am and then Cael at 10:45am. They both love it and are doing great. Mark and I have the pleasure of getting in the pool with them. :) By lunch we are all tired.

Cael's buddy Isaac had his 3rd birthday and so his family had a party today at their ranch. Isaac has always worn a cowboy hat and boots to daycare and the invitation had a cowboy theme so we figured Cael needed some cowboy attire. :)

Emmett is just my little redneck, hamming it up with daddy.

Isaac's mom had the cutest party favors, including fake mustaches. Needless to say Emmett was not a fan of the mustache. He was cute but hated it.
Cael on the other hand enjoyed dressing up. Maybe we have our Halloween costume. :)

There was a bouncy house at the party so Cael and Isaac bounced around and wrestled each other.

Cael also got to ride a horse. He thought he was hot stuff.

Cael kept saying 'faster, faster' so Isaac's dad go on with him so they could trot and lope.

It was hilarious because Cael kept saying 'yaw, yaw.' I guess we need a horse. :)

Here is cowboy Cael with his partners in crime Isaac and Logan. These three have been friends since Cael started at Kelly's Kids. I know Logan and Cael miss Isaac who stays at home with his mom now.

Thank you Isaac and Isaac's parents for a great party!

I still can't believe we bought Cael a hat and boots for a party. I guess every kid needs their first pair of cowboy boots. :) I told Mark he could wear them to church.

After the birthday party Mark and I dropped the boys off to stay with some friends while we went to the Husker women's volleyball game. They beat Ohio State! Awesome! Thank you Dave and Jenny for the tickets. We had so much fun! Thank you Patricia and Jeff for watching the boys.

We love you all! Talk to you soon!

Happy Belated Birthday Jennie!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family Fun

We went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha on Labor Day. It was a perfect day; the temperature was in the 70's so we were able to stay for 5 hours.

Cael's new favorite movie is Rio so I took some pictures of the birds.
Giraffes are always a favorite of mine. They were the last animals we saw so maybe that is why Cael says they are his favorite. At the gift shop we let the boys pick out one stuffed animal. Emmett picked a penguin which he calls his Baby and he carries it around in his mouth. Cael wanted a giraffe. When I asked him what he was going to name it he said 'Giraff-ia.' Too cute!
Emmett loved the zoo. He was excited to see all the animals. He called everything baby and wanted to touch.

The penguins and fish were a lot of fun for the boys.

Check out Pumba behind us! :)

Cael and Emmett rode in style. We love the wagon!

Cael thought the skeleton was cool and wanted to take a picture beside it. He loved watching the big silver back gorillas. They are so magnificent!

This guy was eating a HUGE salad while we took pictures.

The boys did get tired as it was a long day. Cael has a sour face in this picture...

Oh, here is Emmett and his Baby!

Yesterday we went to the Lincoln Airshow. We had so much fun! It was HOT but fun!

Cael and Emmett make a good flight team, don't you think?

Here they are ready to fly away. Don't you love their matching shirts with a jet on them?

The boys loved to check out all the planes and helicopters parked for our inspection. :)

A nice lady offered to take a picture of us. We took a few blankets and camped out for a while.
Cael got up on Daddy's shoulders for a better view.

We did not stay for too long because it was so hot and the sun was beating down on us. This particular airshow is one of the longest they said. It started at 11am and the Blue Angels did not perform until almost 4. We live close to the airport so we were able to see and hear the Blue Angels as they flew close by our home.

Daddy let the boys pick out souvenirs. Cael picked a Blue Angel and Emmett picked a Shark bomber.

We love you all! We wish you could have been here with us. Talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Updating the kitchen


The mess...


What's left to do in the kitchen - the floor, the ceiling, and finishing the pantry door and baseboards.

I've included pictures of the living room as we have bought a new couch, hung up so new pictures, replaced the carpet. etc.

Oh, and we bought a new kitchen table.

We are looking for a new TV stand and a side table maybe. I also thought about a storage ottoman for the toys OR maybe a coffee table that provides storage.

I love my new kitchen. And I think anyone look at our starter home will like it too!