Thursday, March 31, 2011

The cutest boys ever!!!

I know I am biased, but can you blame me??? They are so darn cute! Emmett is a ham! When I get the camera he starts cheesing without me saying anything. Cael is too worried about what the picture will look like - 'I wanna see' before the flash can even go off.

Emmett loves the bath. Splash, splash, splash!

Emmett likes to play with heavy toys. He gets on his back and will pull them on top of him, and then will use his feet and legs to help him hold them. My Strong Man baby! Cael loves our new leather couch. It took him a few days to understand we don't put shoes or toys on the new couch.
Emmett has started eating table food. He likes green beans, green peas, carrots, peaches, and bananas.
Those teeth hurt! - believe me. I've enjoyed being Emmett's source of nutrition but I am about ready to move on. :) For the last 3.5 yrs I've been pregnant or nursing, so I am ready for a break.. and so is Mark. :)

I was brave and decided to let Emmett get in the bath with Cael. Usually when it is Cael's turn to bathe he will splash, play, sing, and yell to Emmett, who watches and laughs. Well, Cael asked if he could play with Emmett in the tub so I let them. It worked out all right. It was nice for Mark to be home when they were done so he could dry off and dress one while I did the other.

Life in the Morgan house is good. We have started on some home improvement projects so we will see how they go. Talking to people about home repairs is like talking to people about taking care of babies... everyone has a different opinion. Mark and I are doing our best to weed through the different pieces of advice so we can do what we can with our budget. Thanks to all who have offered to help, who have helped, and will help. :)

Love you guys!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two peas in a pod

Cael and Emmett are the best of friends.

March Madness in the Morgan house... Cael is practicing his slam dunk.
Emmett wants to play ball too.

My Lucky Charms!
Aren't these shirts the cutest!!! We are not Irish but they make precious little leprechauns.

Emmett is 10 months old!

Time flies by so fast! It is hard to believe he is already 10 months old.
Saturday, 03/19/11, he woke up with croup again so I took him to the doctor. Poor little guy. They gave him a steroid shot for the croup and then some antibiotics for his sinus infection.
Emmett has 8 teeth, still army crawls, wears 12-18 month clothes, and loves his brother.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am so glad it is March....

because that means spring is on the way. Thank goodness! Don't get me wrong, this winter has been mild for us Nebraskans, but the teasing of 60 degree temperatures is just too much! :)
I am at home today with little Emmett. He has croup, AGAIN. It was bad last night. His wheezing just got worse and worse no matter what I did; I tried going out in the cold and then the hot steam. So, I took him to the ER where they gave him two breathing treatments and some steroids. Once we got home and into bed, it was about 1.5 hours later when he woke me up wheezing. This time the hot steam helped it subside so I was comfortable putting him back to bed. I did not sleep much myself though, as I was constantly listening for him and going to check on him. Today I took him to his pediatrician's office because his seal-like bark was still there. We have more steroids to give him today and tomorrow. We are both tired but at least he will be okay. It was scary getting in the car to go to the ER... I've never had to do that before with either child. The below picture is of him when I went to wake him up for his appointment after a morning catnap.
Cael's class had show and tell yesterday for the first time. He chose to take his 'I-Screamer' monster truck.
Emmett's shirt says "Play date? Text me." Cutie!
Emmett is still army crawling but he gets where he wants to go- all over the house.
Mark and I took him to his 9 month wellness appointment on 02/21 and his stats were:
Weight: 20lbs 4 oz, 61 percentile
Length: 29 inches, 75 percentile
It is about time for bigger car seat. He has been waving for about a month now and still has only 8 teeth, which is plenty. Mommy and Emmett still avoid dairy products but Mommy now enjoys some soy and we are on track with introducing the solids.

I know, I know. One day Cael will kill me when he sees this picture. I think he is adorable. He is my Baby Jaguar! :)
A couple of weekends ago the boys and I waited in the car for Mark to run into the store. To keep the boys entertained we took turns trying on Mommy's glasses and taking pictures.
Self portrait... man, my smile is crooked!
Word up Easy - E?! :)
Cael the bumble bee! :)
This same say we went to the mall for a short while. Daddy rode with Cael on the carousel. Cael is wearing his 'braska' hat and Daddy's in his Gator gear.
Every time they came around where Cael could see me he would yell 'mommy.' Everyone around enjoyed his enthusiasm.
Emmett patiently waited for his brother. He was asleep when we first got there or he would have had his first carousel ride.
This same day we stopped at the park but it was too windy for Emmett to swing. We did not get to stay long... that's when we went to the mall.
Everything is going well for the Morgan Family. We have strong healthy boys (for the most part). Mark and I stay busy with work and our family. We are excited to go home to Florida in the summer to see family and friends.