Monday, February 25, 2013

What's going on with the Morgans??

I am not sure where we were going but I decided to take pictures of boys in the car.
 Wyatt playing in his bouncer.  Check out those blue eyes and the crazy red hair! 
 Cael is getting so big so fast.  Look how long and lanky he is.  He loves preschool and his teacher and classmates love him.  Can you believe he will start kindergarten this year?
 Emmett is the rambunctious one.. can't you tell?
 Avengers assemble!
 Wyatt and his hair...
 Emmett picked out a Batman hat ad lids.  He is so silly with that crazy smile.
 The boys love to play Angry Birds on my Kindle.
 "Ta-da!  We cleaned our room!"
 Mommy reading some bedtime stories all snuggled in her bed.
 Wyatt is trying to roll around.  He can almost roll over.. that dang arm gets in the way.
 Emmett has been taking swimming lessons on Saturday mornings.  He loves the water and does a great job.

 Some days the boys can be so sweet to each other... other days they fight like cats and dogs.  Siblings!
 Wyatt loves his bath.  He is getting his first tooth and so he also loves gnawing on anything he can get into his mouth.
 You can see he has started to chunk up.
 Wyatt had his first taste of baby food yesterday... yummy squash.
 I could not feed him fast enough.  He wanted that stuff in a bottle so he could drink it.
 My boys!!! Aren't they sweet?!
So we've got great news for those who may see Mark's Facebook page.  We are moving closer to home.  Unfortunately the company is closing the office here in May.  I am sad about the situation and will miss those I work with very much.  Mark and I were just chatting about the fact that the majority of our marriage has been here in Lincoln.  BUT we have the opportunity to move to North Carolina where I will work in the Raleigh/Morrisville office.  Of course this is exciting as we will be able to see our families more often; we will actually get to see them for the holidays or even a long weekend if we want.  I also have extended family just over 1 hour away.  What's even more crazy is that we are moving in about 2 weeks!  We will rent an apartment in Holly Springs until our house is finished in Julyish... that's right we are blessed with the opportunity to buy new construction.  We are SUPER excited. :)  The boys are excited too as we will be closer to Granny, Grandpa, Beesha, Dziedze, their cousins, etc.  They also want a puppy so we made sure to get a good-sized lot with a fence.
We really have enjoyed our time here in Lincoln.  We've met so many nice and wonderful people at work and at church.  Mark and I grew closer here and started our beautiful family.  We will just have to make trips every so often to the great state of Nebraska where my boys were born.