Monday, July 2, 2012

Sneak a peek of Wyatt

Here is a picture of Wyatt in 4D... Crazy!!!  The first picture you can see his little hands and a foot by his face.
He looks like my other two boys... not that I am surprised but it is crazy that you can already see it.  He has the same nose mouth and little tucked in bottom lip and chin.

So today I am 31 weeks and 2 days.  I am hoping Wyatt will come at 38 weeks like the other boys which means only about 7 weeks left (cross your fingers).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cael turned 4!!!!

 It is crazy to think that my first baby boy is already 4 years old!!!
Cael had so much fun the last couple of days...and why wouldn't he because it was all about him. :)
 Friday on his birthday we had a little family party with cheeseburgers and a Spider-Man cake.
 Emmett loves his big brother so of course he wanted to give him a present.
 Cael was excited about every present... especially the Rescue Bot from Granny and Grandpa and his Ben 10 guys from Beesha and Dziedze.
We went to the park Saturday morning so the boys could play with the new T-Ball set.  They both actually did fairly well for their first time.

 Saturday afternoon we had a party with all his friends.  We all had a BLAST!!!
I am so greatful for everyone who was able to come to the party.
 We had Ben 10 cupcakes but most of the presents were Spider-Man... Cael might turn into a Spider-Man!
 Cael was so sweet to all his friends, giving them hugs to thank them for the presents. 

 We had a great turnout so it was AWESOME! - friends from church and friends from daycare.
 So above you see Emmett with 'punching' bags... this is why Cael calls the Ager Playcenter, 'the punching place.'  He loves to get in there and punch and kick.
He also likes to hang upside down from the monkey bars.
Cael was spoiled for sure.  He made out like a bandit.  Mark and I need to put some toys away so we can declutter and not over-stimulate the children. :)
We wish you all could've been here.
Love you!