Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!!! These first pictures were taken when we put the tree up shortly after Thanksgiving.

Emmett calls his little brother 'Wyatt the cutie' or 'chicken thighs.'  

Emmett is my little blue-eyed devil.  He has definitely hit his terrible twos with this sassy talk.  You can't help but smile and love him though. :)

On Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies and decorated them for Santa.
 Mommy had cookie duty and then Daddy took over.
 Emmett's mouth was all blue... I should have taken a picture of that.  Cael was very focused on making the best cookies.
 The boys got to open one present on Christmas Eve....
 Cute Christmas pajamas!
 Cael has been tall and skinny and the little pants just accentuate his lankiness.  Emmett is thinning out.. just look at that long neck.
 Brothers and best buds looking extra cute!
 And of course Mr Hair himself is so darn cute.  
 Say cheese!
 The older boys love their brother and always want to hold him, talk to him, be near him... precious!

The boys must have been on the nice list because Santa brought some awesome toys!  All Cael wanted was a Bat-mobile and Emmett wanted a shield... 
 Santa also brought them some bikes.

 Daddy got some cologne
 Emmett liked to keep his mask/helmet on.
 The Ben 10 armbands were a big hit.. great find Daddy.  With these the boys can be Ben 10, Voltron, Power Rangers, etc.
 I got some warm comfy footed pjs.

 Wyatt slept through most of the gift opening early Christmas morning.  He didn't mind though.  
 What a happy baby!!!
 Mark surprised me this year with beautiful jewelry and a Kindle Fire.  Thank you honey-bunny!  I love you bunches and bunches.
We wish we could have been closer to our family but we appreciate all the gifts you sent the boys.  Thank you Granny, Grandpa, Beesha, and Dziedze!