Friday, August 12, 2011

Just dropping a couple of lines...

I apologize for not updating my blog as often as I did before. I think of updating but then get busy with something else. Well now I am in Orange County, CA and my flight was delayed so I have some time to kill with no distractions - no housework calling my name, no kids needing my assistance, no pertinent work duties weighing heavily on my mind. I could sit and cry about having to wait to get home or I can be productive, right? Anyway....

You will see I created the list of Emmett's words. I had fun doing that when Cael learned to talk so I thought I would try to do it again. This time I will try to include the age he said them.

So what is new besides Emmett's words?

Emmett is walking now. He was a little stubborn to let go and go on his own but the last 3 weeks he has become more confident and practically runs around the house. He seems so much busier than I remember Cael being; Emmett is always into something. When we returned from vacation back in July he did move from the Infant room at daycare to the Peach room. Of course there was an adjustment period but he loves it now. He is such a big boy and so handsome! That cute toothy green and those bright blue eyes melt my heart. The back of his hair and around by his ears is curly - especially with the humidity. I am afraid if I cut it then the curls will be gone. We are going to wait a bit longer before giving him his first hair cut. Emmett is a great eater and now is able to eat pretty much anything, though we are waiting on the shellfish and peanut butter just in case.

Cael is not a little boy anymore. He can be sassy because he is so darn smart. He is potty trained with the exception of still wearing a diaper or pull-up at night. I was amazed how quickly he caught on and has done a great job. He even stands up to pee. I think when he saw his cousin Isaac stand up that encouraged him even more to do it. In Cael's class at daycare they work on tracing letters and numbers. He has done a great job. He has learned more fun songs, we talk about the weather, the days of the week, the months of the year, and of course his vocabulary, grammar, and knowledge grows each day. The other day I was talking to my mom and Skype. I was holding Emmett and Cael was playing with some toys in a clear plastic container. I asked him to come over ant talk to Beesha and Cael said, "mom, this is my future," pointing to the clear container of stuff. All my mom and I could do was laugh. He loves the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons so maybe that is what that was about. Cael has also been saying 'baby' all the time - 'okay baby' 'yes, baby' 'play with me baby.' I am not sure where he go it because Mark and I don't call each other baby. I call Cael and Emmett silly things like 'sweetness' and 'handsome prince.'

Mark is enjoying his job as a Parole Officer. He enjoys learning new things and strives to be the best there ever was no matter what he is doing. As a family we love having him with us throughout the week and weekend since his hours are M-F, 8-4:30. He will have to work late one day a week but that is not bad at all. Mark is the best husband I know. He is such a great support and help to me and the kids.

So life for us is good. We need to keep motivated to finish all the projects around our house but other than that...

Love you guys! Talk to you soon!