Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first concert

So last night Mark and I went to Omaha to see Rascal Flatts. This was my first concert ever!!! When Mark and I first met I was not a big country fan at all. He ended up leaving a CD in my car and soon enough I knew the words to every song... and yes it was a Rascal Flats CD. Crazy! Now all I listen to is country music. Call me a prude but the hip-hop I previously enjoyed is just too inappropriate/vulgar for my young family. :) Mark had bought these tickets for me as a surprise in early December. He called me at work to tell me what he had done because he knew I would see the $$ transaction when I balanced the check book. He is the sweetest guy ever by the way; always doing thoughtful things for me. The show started at 7:30pm with Chris Young and Luke Bryan opening the show. We arrived at about 8pm and it was not because we were trying to be fashionably late. We drove through a snow storm to get to Omaha... not fun. We both were tense the entire way. Neither of us have ever been to the Qwest Center either so we were not sure where to go for parking, and by this time it was a madhouse in that area. We parked quite a ways away and then quickly walked through the blowing snow and 12 degree weather to the facility. Our seats were not on the main floor but not in the nose bleed area either; we got a good view of the stage and the big screens. We missed Chris Young completely but enjoyed Luke Bryan and then Rascal Flatts. It was so fun! Mark and I held hands, swayed, danced a bit, and sang out loud. :) The smell of the alcohol around us was enough to give you a buzz... :) We bought a couple of ball caps as souvenirs. The run from the building to the truck was even worse I think... The wind was picking up the snow already on the ground and smacking us in the face. It was also about 5 degrees cooler and I am sure with the windchill even worse. We thought we'd never get out of the immediate area but with patience we were on our way back to Lincoln. Mark's knuckles were white for the track back home. I think it was about am when we got back home. Lincoln got more snow then we saw in Omaha, the roads and our driveway with another 3 inches easy... I thought about my boys while we were out, and texted the sitters a couple of times just to check on things. Thank you Kristi and Jordan for coming over and watching them! I am glad they listened and behaved well. We owe you!
Thank you to my romantic husband who always thinks of me!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I am sorry it has been so long since my last post.
Emmett has been working on more teeth. His top fangs came in and now he is getting the top middle.

So patient as I pull at his mouth :)

Cael and Mark are silly! I am not sure why they put blankets on their heads like turbans.

My boys are so sweet!
Emmett kicked is socks off so Cael was trying to put them back on.
Cael is using Handy Manny tools to give Mark a pedicure. :) Tough skin and nails I guess.
Say cheese!
Emmett loves to play in the bath. He just kicks and kicks. Now he wants to roll from his back to his tummy over and over again.
My little water baby!
Cael is too cool! He is 30 months old and still measuring big. He had a wellness check with the following measurements:
Height: 38 1/4 inches (90-97%)
Weight: 34.6 lbs (90%)
We love this shirt! Nana, Papa, Mimi, and Poppi sent it for Christmas. Not only is it a good looking shirt, but it is Michigan colors! :)
Emmett looks so handsome in the overalls Granny and Grandpa sent him.
Yesterday morning Emmett was peaking over as I changed Cael's diaper.
He managed to roll into a corner during the night. My boys both loved to snuggle up against the crib bumpers.
At Emmett's last doctor's appointment he weighed 19lbs and 13oz. In February we will for his 9 month appointment, but I'd say he is growing just fine. :)
Emmett had croup and ear infections again but he is over them now. Poor thing had to take even stronger antibiotics this time to help his ears. So what's new with Emmett Lee? He sits up with assistance otherwise he will fall forward or to the sides. He is not getting up on all fours yet but loves to roll all over the place, always getting what he wants. Due to his sensitive belly we have to take the solids a bit slower, though he loves what he has been given so far - green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, peaches, and some chicken and turkey if they are mixed with something else. He squeals and makes all kinds of fun noises. Emmett loves his big brother, watching his every move and busting our laughing at his silliness.
Cael continues to amaze me. He is so smart, his vocabulary and grammar improving each week. We have discouraged the use of the word 'stupid' even though every Disney seems to use it. If we say it without thinking he quickly corrects us. We are trying to teach him to say 'yes ma'am' and 'no sir' to be polite and respectful. As of late he is actually doing a pretty good job. Cael is very helpful with Emmett, disposing of diapers, helping when he is crying, picking up his toys, etc.
Mark gets to work a day shift, M-F until about June of this year. So we are getting spoiled with having daddy around so much. It is nice to be together more as a family. My husband is the best; in the mornings he fixes me lunch, helps get all my stuff together, helps with the boys, etc.
I hope you all have a wonderful 2011... I am looking forward to whatever life may bring. :)