Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wyatt is just over 8 weeks

 Daddy time.  Wyatt was just looking at Mark and grinning a little.  I couldn't catch the smile with the camera.
 We think Wyatt looks like Cael did but with hair.  Cheese!
 Go Gators!  We watched them stomp and chomp all over South Carolina.
 Wyatt loves bath time now... it is so relaxing.  Look at that belly.
 So serious... check out that red hair!
 He loves his alone time to just lay on his back and kick and play.  He was smiling and cooing.  So darn cute!
I got on the scale without him and then with him to get a rough weight... I'd say just over 12 lbs.  His 2 month appointment is Monday so we will get an official weight and length then.

E is for Elephant

So last Friday when Cael got home from preschool he was wearing this mask... too funny!  He loves going to preschool.  On Wednesdays they have 'show and tell' and swim lessons. :) 
This was so cute and funny I had to share.

Looking forward to Halloween

I have Avengers for sons... Cael will be Thor and Emmett the Hulk.  Cael's costume did not come with blond hair or a helmet so we are still on the lookout for something to complete the costume.  We did pick up a hammer already.
 Emmett LOVES the Hulk and it is fitting I guess.  :) 
 He might not be from this realm but he is super cute! :)
We went to a pumpkin patch with some friends.  Here is Cael riding with Audra, Logan's mom.

 Emmett sat on Daddy's lap for the hay rack ride to pick out some pumpkins
 Wyatt was in my pouch as we walked around. 
I don't have costume for Wyatt but a cute outfit Beesha got him for the occasion.  I'll be sure to take pictures. :)
So we carved 2 of our 4 pumpkins early...
 I took these fun pictures while they cleaned out the pumpkins but forgot to take a picture of the art after I finished with the design... oh well we have 2 more I'll cut next week.
 Daddy and his boys making a mess! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cutie Patuties!!!!

This was Wyatt just a few days shy of the 6 week mark... As you can see he is growing well.  It is crazy how much they change in just a weeks time.. you'll see what I mean in the pictures below.
Last week we went to the Omaha Zoo with some friends.  I had to take pictures of my monkeys with the gorilla statues.
Cael and Emmett are best friends even if they bite, kick, hit, and tease one another.  Ah, siblings. :)
 This was Wyatt hanging out with this buddy Jackson.. Jackson is 6 weeks older than Wyatt.  This was Wyatt just shy of the 5 week mark.
 I don't know why he does it but Cael watches TV bent in half.  He rolls all over the living room to get from one side to the other.  But he will lay like this, with this feet up over his head and touching the floor behind him.  CRAZY!!!
I just love this little outfit so I took a picture.  This was when Wyatt was 5 weeks old.
Everything is going well.  We don't have a routine down yet as far as sleeping.. last night he went 6 hours which was awesome but the night before he only went 4.  He had a slow start with this weight but I hope as he packs it on he will be able to go longer. :)  Some days he sleeps almost all day and others he is awake all day.  During the day I don't snuggle him up for naps and lay him down unless I need a nap.  I know we will figure it out.  I'll work hard to establish something but then it may change once I am work and it is just the boys at home... scary!  It will be fine.  The boys have gotten better about being more calm around him. 
I hope everyone is doing well!  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO