Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We got to see Mickey Mouse!!!!

I made some lasagna this last weekend. It has been over a year since I made it, with the avoiding dairy. It was 'smack your granny' good! Cael loved it!
Cael loves Mickey Mouse and the other characters on Playhouse Disney. There was a show in Omaha so we took him.

Hot dog!!
As you can see, he loved it!!!

Daddy got us seats in the 5th row so we could see everything really well.

Cael loves meal time! Mark took some pictures of him stuffing his face with oatmeal! Yummy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I hope this turns out as cute as it sounds in person.

We love you guys!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So darn cute!!!

That's right! it is already hat weather in Lincoln, until tomorrow when it is suppose to be 68! Crazy weather! Tonight it is suppose to be as low as 34... I miss Florida! You'd think I'd be over it after almost 5 years but it is so hard! :)

This last weekend we decided to get Cael his own chair. Now he thinks he is hot stuff! - which of course he is.

Everything else is going well. I was sick with a yucky stomach bug Friday. It all started at about 3:30am. I spent some time by the toilet and then curled up in the bed or on the couch. I was still a bit feverish when I went to bed at 8pm but woke up Saturday morning 6am and I was a new woman! Unfortunately Mark then got sick Saturday evening. Sorry babe!
Love you all!! I wish we were all so much closer. Take care!