Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring fever

When the weekends have been nice we've gone to the park to play. This is Emmett for his first swing ride outside. He loves it!
Poor Daddy was worn out from all the work we are doing in the kitchen. Mark has done a great job. We've never done a project like this so we've had a few challenges and I appreciate Mark's time and patience. :)

Cael got a marshmallow frog sucker at school Thursday. They had little Easter Baskets... fun! You can see his face looks 100 times better than it did almost 2 weeks ago. Neosporin is a lifesaver! The second day he looked worse with his eye practically swollen shut. But ever since then it has looked better and better each day. Cael is doing well.. growing up. His imagination is amazing to me, pretending so much of the time. At night instead of me reading him a story he wants to tell me a story. He is a good storyteller - it must be the Morgan in him. :) He did misbehave yesterday though; he drew on his bedroom walls. That's right.. wallS.

We still have the bunny ears from when Cael was little. Cael would wear them around the house for no reason. Emmett did not leave them on as long... just for a picture. :)

We hope everyone enjoys Easter!! We wish we could be with family but soon enough we will see you all! Love you!

Emmett is 11 months old!

Emmett is getting so big so fast. He is still slithering across the floor to get where he is going and he is now pulling himself up! In this picture he is eating his first cracker. We are slowly introducing new table food. He had hot dogs yesterday and some pancake this morning. It won't be long before he is eating everything we are.

No words yet but lots of babble - ma-ma-ma-ma, da-da-da. He does clap and dance a bit when he hears music.

Monday, April 11, 2011

If it is not one thing... it is another.

So last Wednesday - Friday Mark was in Omaha for a conference/training. It was my turn to be a single parent and of course one of the boys got sick. Wednesday morning Emmett's eye was puffy and goopy when he got up. I took him to the doctor and he had ear infections and pink eye. Lovely!!! So I was home with the poor little guy on Wednesday and half the day Thursday. The antibiotic seemed to kick in right away. I bought a probiotic for his belly so everything seemed better. Emmett did have a hard time laying down Friday and Saturday nights and even got up during the night. Well guess why! Yep, the 1 year molars are trying to come through. Last night I could his red swollen gums with a little white where the teeth are trying to come through the gum.. Yep, both the top teeth are trying to come in.

Today was 'crazy hair day' at daycare. Cael let me make his hair CRAZY!!! :)

Then at about 10:45ish I got a call from daycare because Cael fell and hit his head. At first they called just to let me know. Then they called back because they were concerned. They took the below picture and sent it to my work email: Of course I freaked out and immediately left work to pick him up. I did take him to the doctor just to have him checked over... just bumps and bruises. I am at home with him this afternoon to keep an eye on him. Poor guy! Cael does not sit still much any more without a movie on so he is watching The Great Mouse Detective. I will now knock on wood as I say I hope we can go longer than a week without any new injuries or illness.

I hope you are all well! Love you!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


We love you! We can't wait to see you.


Have a very happy birthday!!!