Sunday, January 24, 2010

We tried potty training....

So last week was an adventure. It started with Cael being... difficult. Not wanting to go to bed at night, saying 'mine, mine' all the time, and throwing himself around when he did not get his way. I also attempted to potty train. He already tells us when he is going to poop or when he has so I thought.. why not. Besides the books I've been reading to him in preparation of a new baby talks about how the baby gets their diaper changed, so I thought it would be confusing to him if he still had a diaper.
So Wednesday evening I spoke to the daycare owner in regards to helping us potty train Cael. She was very supportive and said they would do so as long as he was 'interested.' Hmmmm. Interested, heh? So that night before putting him in the tub I asked if he wanted to sit on the big potty. He went straight to the toilet and tried to lift the lid. That night he sat on it 4 different times before bed. He never did anything but sat there and talked to me.. It was so cute. So I thought it would be easy to potty train him since he was interested and no scared to try.
The next morning when he woke up he had already pooped in his diaper but I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said yes. I wanted Daddy to see what a big boy he can be. Later that morning Mark went to the store and bought a little potty, some Sesame Street underwear, and some pull-ups. All day I was so excited to go home that night to work with him on going potty. When I showed him the little potty he did not know what to think. He just looked at it. When I tried to help him sit on it he acted as if it was uncomfortable. I left the bathroom door open so he knew where it was that way if he wanted to just be around it and sit on it he could. After dinner we were just playing and he said 'poopy' and farted. I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said yes and took off toward the bathroom. He did not like sitting on the little potty so I helped him balance on the big potty.. but nothing. He then wanted to get in the bath so I ran the water. He was not in the bath long enough for me to wash him when I saw him make a face. I tried to pick him up and put him on the big potty but he had already pooped a little in the tub. I was holding on to him so he wouldn't fall into the toilet while getting his toys out of the tub. He did not poop in the big potty. I wiped his bottom and then cleaned the tub. Because I had yet bathed him I put some more water in the tub and put him back in. I quickly bathed him and then he made the face again. Poop got in the tub again but I was also able to catch him quick enough that he also pooped some in the big potty. We watched the poopy go down the toilet. I congratulated him on going poop in the potty and reminded him it goes in there and not the tub, as I cleaned the tub again. Cael then wanted to play with the little potty... opening and closing the lid, sitting on it.. I was concerned he might need to poop again so I wanted to at least have a pull-up on him while he played. You would have thought I was trying to saw off his legs. I barely got one leg through when he took off. He was running down the hall with the pull-up around one ankle squalling in pain. So I took the pull-up off and showed him the underwear. He wiggled all over fussing at me as I put some Elmo undies on. As soon as they were on he was pulling on them saying 'owie' and 'all done.' What was wrong with him?! I took the underwear off and he went running again. He was back at the little potty playing again. I tried to take a step back to assess the situation. Was I in the twilight zone? Did the poop in the tub traumatize him? Finally I just took him and practically held him down to get his diaper and jammies on him. He wiggled and wined in pain the entire time. This particular night was one of the few when he went to bed without crying at all. I think he wore himself out. Once he was in bed I called my mom to describe to her what was one of the oddest evenings. Oh to have been a fly on the wall, as I am sure it was quite entertaining. I laughed about it afterward and some during the series of events, but while in the situation I was completely confused and unsure of how to best handle the situation....

So yesterday we were going to try to potty train again. First thing in the morning I put some pull-ups on him and took him to the potty every 45 minutes to 1 hour. It got the point where he was irritated with me and did not want to sit on the potty. I tried to sing some different songs to entertain him... 'Tinkle, Tinkle little potty' - special thanks to Trio for that one. :) I think maybe he is not ready. Or maybe it is a combination of both he and us not being ready. Today I did not ask him once to go to the potty and he did not say anything either. He went into the bathroom several times to brush his teeth, watch me blow dry my hair in the morning, and to take a bath and not once did he mess with that potty. Oh well, maybe we will wait a month or two.

So that is all we have going on here. Just thought I shared the fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Boy!!!

I think ultrasounds are hard to make out as it is so hopefully you can make out some body parts.
So we are going to have another little Mark running around. It should definitely be fun.
Cael likes to poke my belly button and laugh. We tell him there is a baby in there and he just looks at us like we are crazy... he then will say 'baby.' Cute!
According to the ultrasound everything looks great. We saw the 4 chambers of the heart, the kidneys, his bladder, his stomach, his head, etc. And he is in the 52nd percentile right now so he is perfect.
Cael goes to the doctor this week for his 18 month appointment so it will be interesting to see what percentile he is in these days. His head always seems to be in the 97th or so. :)
Oh, I almost forgot! Cael went to nursery for the first time yesterday at church and loved it! He did not cry at all when I dropped him off. I looked in the peep hole a few times and saw him playing. The teacher said they had vanilla wafers for snack and he just kept saying 'more, more.' That's my boy!
Love you guys!