Monday, November 8, 2010

My brave story

Happy Halloween!
Mommy loves her boys!!!!

So I traveled just the boys and I too Florida. I went for work but made a family trip out of it as well. Cael and Emmett were awesome on the airplane - sleeping, watching the portable DVD player, playing, etc. It was the running from one gate to the other in Chicago which caused me anxiety. All in and all they were great for a 2 year old and a 5 month old. I was able to change Emmett's dirty diapers in the empty seat beside us on the plane, change Cael's wet diapers in the airport restroom, go to the restroom myself with Cael holding Emmett in the stroller.. hey, we managed.
It was so nice to see our family. We split up our time between Macclenny and Jacksonville. We had a great visit with the Morgans - Kim and Ron. Thank you for the yummy dinner and your hospitality. Cael loved to chase the kitty and surprisingly liked the bigger dog Cally. Since returning home he will ask for Granny, Grandpa, and Cally. When I ask him to tell me where they are he says "Florida. At Cally's house." So darn cute! I am also glad we got to see Great-Granny, Ellene, Joe, Sierra, Shannon, and Donovan. And can I just say the Trunk or Treat in Macclenny ain't no joke. :) Granny was able to help us find the perfect Halloween costume. Cael loves cars so we found a costume that looked like a race car driver - it is a jumpsuit for an off road biker and it came with a mask which looked like a helmet. Cael loved it. He wore the mask for the Macclenny party but I could tell it irritated him a bit because it kept slipping and it was so HOT. So for my parents' Trunk or Treat we did a faux-hawk instead of the mask. That seemed to suit Cael just as well.
We then went to Jacksonville and spent time with my family. Luckily Dziedze was home from the train so we could spend time with him. We had fun at the beach (see previous post) and also went to the zoo. So Cael loves Diego and Diego has a friend Baby Jaguar who accompanies him on most of his rescue missions. When looking at the jaguars at the zoo I called them baby jaguars to engage Cael. Which did work. Then when we were leaving we went to the gift shop where I thought I would buy him a little stuffed Baby Jaguar. Well instead we found a a Baby Jaguar paw - a big jaguar paw you wear on your hand like a puppet. They only had one spotted but then a couple plain tan lion paws. So Cael had those paws on the floor attacking us like a jaguar. It was hilarious. I only bought him the one jaguar paw because it was $14.00. If they had two jaguar paws I probably would have bought them. So now he sleeps with his paw at night. :) We also got to see Jenilee, Joe, and they are lovely home. It was nice to hang out with them. Cael had a blast kicking the ball around with Joe outside. Oh, and Joe throwing him around.
I missed my husband so much on that trip. To be honest, Florida did not seem like home without him. I was comfortable and enjoyed my time, but life is just not the same with out my husband. And yes I am saying it, Lincoln is our home now.
We love you all!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trip to Florida

Cael liked playing in the surf... at first he did not want to go near the water. Beesha was standing in the water so I told him to go splash her. That peaked his interest so then he wanted to play.