Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And here comes number two!!!

I have an excuse for being lazy and not updating my blog every couple of days.... I am pregnant!
That is right, I am 12 weeks along and dead tired. I was telling my mom I don't remember being so tired the last time but I also did not have a 16 month old running around either. :)
So far things are going well. We just heard the heartbeat again on Friday, 11/13, and it was up to 170 beats per minute. I am not hanging out by the toilet but I am not feeling my best either. We are hoping for a girl so cross your fingers.

So have you figured out the due date then?? June 1st! Cael and his new sibling will be about 23 months apart. I think that is about right! :) I guess we will see. We can't wait for January so we can find out if we will have another son or a daughter! If we have a boy I really won't need to buy anything since they will have the similar birthdays. If we have a girl, shopping here we come!

Other than that everything is going well. Next week I turn the big 30, 11/25!!!! CRAZY! I am getting old. I am excited about Thanksgiving but dread the cooking! :) I am a lazy bum these days...Mark does get to work a normal schedule next week (8-4 M-W) and he will have Thanksgiving Day off. That will be nice. We will prepare Wednesday night so we will not have as much to do the day of... We are not turkey people so we already have the ham to cook. This year Cael and I get to partake in the goodies since we are no longer dairy free! I will not go overboard though as my doctor is already giving me a hard time about the weight I am gaining with this pregnancy....

I have gained 10 lbs in the first trimester. I also started 20 lbs lighter than I was when I found I was pregnant with Cael. I argued with the doctor and told her I eat to not feel sick. She has me taking pepcid ac and vitamin 6 to fight the hunger. I really am not pigging out, just eating more than I was 4 months ago when I was still not eating dairy and no longer breastfeeding!!!

Sorry for the tangent there. Mark and I already mulling over the different baby names. We really do want a girl so we have been discussing girl names. I won't provide our list so we will not have any thieves taking our good names!:)

I hope everyone is well!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween and surprises!

I am sorry I have not been the best at posting as of late. It seems like if it is not one thing it is another. Cael was sick for about a month, I got sick really bad for a weekend, then Mark tested positive for the swine flu last week. Yuck and yuck!
I just bought a book about how to raise a happy, more patient, non tantrum throwing toddler. So far I have learned I am to think of Cael as a caveman. :) I'll let you know how it goes!
Love you guys!!!
Mark's birthday is tomorrow, 11/10/09. Last year he turned the big 30 but I did not do anything BIG for him. This year I needed to redeem myself. So I organized a little surprise party for him this last Friday.
He never saw it coming!

Cael helped eat the cake!

Jake helped me plan it and then dished up the cake since Mark was still under the weather.

My camera battery died but I was able to take a couple of pictures of friends:

When I was in Irvine, CA a couple of weeks ago I picked up these Mickey Mouse ears for Cael. Instead of the bunny ears he can wear mouse ears

The Halloween DRAGON!!!
We started the night off at the trunk or treat. Cael had a late nap from 2-4 so when we woke him up to get dressed and go he was GODZILLA!

Daddy pacified the hungry monster with some candy until we went to dinner.
We then went to the mall where we walked around and got some more candy. Cael got to ride the carousel which he loved.