Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This last Saturday we went to Roca Berry Farm's Pumpkin Patch with Cael's friend Logan and her parents. We had a blast!!!

Unfortunately it was a little overcast and drizzly, but we played and played.
Cael was super excited to play with Logan.
There was a 40 foot slide the kids loved to go down. I thought I'd take Emmett down it. Well at the top it was not the easiest to get me and him in at the same time... so the first time down Emmett went solo as he slipped down before I could get on behind him. :)

Cael and Logan were wild and crazy! :)

They loved going down and scaring each other, then race back to the top just to do it again.

Daddy took Emmett down the other slide which was a little bumpy.. and very slippery!

Emmett is fearless like his brother and loved it.

The boys had fun jumping into a pile of hay. Of course Emmett saw Cael and Logan doing it first and had to follow.

Cael was not afraid to jump as high as he could.

My little spider.. by the way Emmett loves his Michigan sweatshirt.. thanks Dziedze!

Now this was fun.. there is not picture of me but Logan's dad, Doug, and I got on here with the kids. It was so tempting to bouncing them all high but we restrained ourselves.:)

Of course they had to ride the ponies.


Emmett had his first pony ride. He was MAD when he had to get off.

We watched the pig races. Cael is good at calling them, 'souwee!'

That's my boys.. Wanted for being so darn adorable!

Cael wore himself to death running around and climbing on anything and everything.

Emmett was dancing to some music playing.. that boy hears a beat the just starts moving.

The kids had a great time and so did we.

Sunday night we carved one of the pumpkins. Mark and the boys did the messy part.

Emmett tried to help.

My sweet pumpkins.

The jack-o-lantern actually came out pretty good.. see the top of the page.

I'll be sure to post Halloween pictures.. I am excited for Halloween this year. I am dressing up for activities we have planned at work. I'll post pictures of me too. :)

Love you guys!