Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Cael!

Can you believe my big boy turned two yesterday???

We celebrated with just our family and spent the afternoon at the Lincoln Children's Zoo.
He was dying to ride the choo-choo training. He told the last couple of animals we saw 'bye.. go to choo-choo'
Emmett was chilling in the stroller... ah the life!

Cael loved watching these little turtles swim around in the water. He wanted Mark to lift him up so he could put his hands in it.. no sir!! so he sat down and watched them.
Gotta love the monkeys! Here are two of my monkeys!

Cael got to touch deer and buffalo hide, and then pet a rabbit and guinea pig.

Yeehaw cowboy!

Cael was a big boy and rode the pony without mom or dad with him. Mom was going to go but the pony did not like her walking beside her and almost kicked her. :) Good times!

Cael and Mark enjoyed some yummy Mickey Mouse cake.

He got a ball and glove....
The T-rex from Toy Story....
A swimming mask.. he has been asking for one because Donald Duck wears one in one of his books.
balls to throw around at the pool....

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
Thanks to Granny, Grandpa, Beesha, and Dziedze for the presents! We watched the first Toy Story last night and will watch the other in the next couple of days.
We miss you all!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Mark and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on Friday, 06/18. It is hard to believe we have been together for almost 7 years with 6 of them as man and wife, 5 of them here in Lincoln, and almost 2 of them with a child. CRAZY!!!!
I love Mark with all my heart! I am so grateful to be his wife and to be with him and our children forever and ever!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 month and we are surviving :)

Two little ones is a lot of work but I think we are adjusting well.
We did find out when Emmett was a week old that he has a sensitive tummy like Cael - MSPI. This means he has intolerances to milk and soy proteins. So mommy is back on the diet. I don't mind it so much but I was hoping Emmett would not have the same problems, and not just for my benefit. It seems all the milk and soy has made it out of my system and Emmett overall is doing better. Like babies he has his fussy moments and sometimes they are due to something I have eaten... I've discovered he does not do well when I eat eggs. I can eat them in a cake mix but not straight. No more scrambled eggs for breakfast for a while.
Cael seems to be adjusting well. For the last several days he has been laying down for his nap and bedtime without any fussing. We read a story, sing a song, and he is down. I am very thankful for this. There in the beginning I was fighting Cael to stay in his bed while trying to nurse Emmett or settle him down. Cael has stopped coming to us when he has pooped his diaper. Most of the time we smell it to know we need to change it. I know they say boys are harder to potty train and with Emmett still being new it will be even harder. The other challenge I would like to take on is Cael's binkies. He only uses them at night but I would like to go ahead and get rid of those all together. I am hoping we can do that soon.
My sister Jenilee came to town for 11 days which was AWESOME!!!

Jenilee makes delicious cakes and so she made me a strawberry cake I can eat (no milk or soy products in the ingredients). It was YUMMY! Cael helped Aunt Jen decorate the cake.
He kept 'accidentally' getting the frosting on his fingers when helping. :)
Aunt Jen was a big help by holding Emmett while mommy played, fed, bathed, and put Cael to bed at night.
It was great having some bonding time with my little sis.

Here is Cael loving the chocolate 'muffins' Aunt Jen made. Cael has a Mickey Mouse book he loves for us to read over and over about Mickey making muffins for his friends.

My handsome boys!

This guy is monkeying around with one eye open. :)

Mommy loves her boys!

He looks like Cael but there is something that looks very different - I am not sure what.
Emmett has more hair then Cael did. It does have a reddish tint just like Cael's did and his eyes right now are the slate blue color. Though I think Emmett's eyes are lighter... maybe they'll end up hazel like mommy and daddy instead of DARK eyes like Cael.

Emmett is already filling out that loose skin at 4 weeks old! He is getting bigger right before my eyes.
At 3 weeks old he was already 10lbs and 2 oz!

Snuggling with daddy!

Here we go for a ride!

This is Emmett Lee at 1 month old! Time flies when you are having fun!!!
Mark calls him Easy E sometimes. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Emmett is here!!!!

I apologize for the two week delay. But now there are lots of pictures and much to tell to catch you up.
I felt two contractions on my way to work the morning of Wednesday, 05/19/10. I called Mark and told him to be showered and ready as I thought I would be calling him soon to take me to the hospital.
So my contractions started around 8:30am. I got to work just before 9:00am and was starting to freak out a bit as I did not have to time contractions with Cael because my water had broke and I wasn't sure how. I called my friend Beth who suggested I Google 'contraction timer' which I did. So I joined a conference call with a client, on mute, and began to time my contractions. Luckily Shannon came in and helped me. She shut the door to my office and I began the deep breathing as the contractions would come and go. After a while we saw they were 1-1.5 minutes apart. I called my doctor's office who advised I go ahead and go to the hospital. I called Mark and told him to come get me, and then called my mom so she would be on standby to buy an airline ticket to get here as soon as she could. Let me remind you I was still on this conference call. They asked me a question and instead of taking myself off mute I disconnected myself from the call. So I called back in. They kinda laughed and made a joke they thought I was in labor... I confirmed for them I was timing contractions.. so they were understanding as I rushed through some things and excused myself. :) As I waited for Mark I did a couple of more things to prepare for my leave from work - calling my boss, moving some emails around for space, etc.
Mark and I arrived at the hospital around 10am. I was so nervous that I would be dilated to receive an epidural - I had one with Cael and it was WONDERFUL so I wanted to do that again if possible. It seemed forever for us to check in and the nurse to come in and get me all hooked up to monitor me and check my 'progress.' I was 4 cm dilated so I had plenty of time for my epidural. I labored until about noon , dilating another cm before I received the epidural. This time the epidural seemed to make me loopy not just numb. I don't remember getting as numb with Cael. The nurse would roll me from one side to another every 30 minutes and check my 'progress.' It is something about that epidural that helps me relax and finish dilating. :) When she checked me and I was at 7cm my water broke so then we knew it was on! At about 9cm the nurse tried to set me up to finish dilating with my legs crossed, Emmett did not seem to like that and his heart rate dropped drastically. The nurse called for me hands, put an oxygen mask on me, lowered me quickly, and was getting me over on my side. Once on my side Emmett was fine again. The oxygen mask was left on for the remainder of my labor as a precaution. Talk about scary! - it happened so quickly and all you can do is trust them because you don't know what is going on. The rest of labor and delivery was smooth sailing. At 10cm I pushed once and you could see the head so they called in my doctor. While she was getting ready the nurse told me to push again but then told me to stop so the doctor could get her gloves on. 4 more pushes and he was out at 3:27pm. When his head came out one of his arms came with it and the cord was wrapped around. Thankfully he was a handsome, healthy boy. The doctor said she thought he was 8lbs 8oz and I was shocked, horrified! They then said he was 8lbs 10oz. I then asked my doctor if I had a mess (down there) and she said no. She told me I should have 12 more. :) Mark was there holding my leg the entire time and cut the cord - what a champ!
Proud parents.
Mark felt like the hospital staff kept giving him dirty looks because of his Gator gear.

He was 20.5 inches long and his head was 19.25 inches around.

Exhausted mommy!

The night the brothers met. Cael was so sweet!

Mama and her boys. Cael wanted to hold baby Emmett and give him kisses.

How sweet!

What an Angel!

I am ready to go home!

Daddy and his boys!

Just chillin' with dad.

Cael loves to hold Emmett and love on him. He likes to point out all of his body parts - eyes, hair, nose, feet, knees, etc.

Beesha (my mom) came to help us adjust for the first week! Thank you Beesha! We miss you!
Emmett looks like Cael when he cries - not like he doesn't look like him the rest of the time. :)


Already 2 weeks old!
I have grown 1.5 inches and I now weigh 9lbs 2oz.
Having two little ones is definitely an adjustment but I think we are handling it fairly well. :) Cael was a little jealous last night but I am trying to balance my attention.
Cael is all moved into his big boy room and now sleeps there (mommy and daddy moved to the basement to give the boys their own rooms).
I hope you all are well!