Monday, April 5, 2010

Cael is such a big boy. We converted his crib into a toddler bed late last week. So far so good. (Thud.. tonight was the first night he fell of....)

OOOOH! A Dora and Diego coloring book!

And a football
Look at me.. I'm a bunny with a bubble wand!!!

The Easter Bunny must love Cael! :)
Check out that face. I think I have seen pictures of Mark with that same face.

Mommy bunny....
Once it warmed up we did go out back to look for some eggs.

He loved finding the eggs for his basket.

Ta-da! Cael did not want Mommy's help. I tried to help him when he tipped the basket over and he fussed at me because he thought I was taking his eggs.

Bubble time!!!!
Mommy helped blow bubbles...

Too cool!!! I always look good for the ladies! :)