Monday, May 23, 2011

Zoo fun

We went to the zoo this last Saturday with Cael's class from daycare. We had lots of fun!

In the wagon left to right: Preston, Logan, Addison

(all in his class)

Cael was brave and fed the goats and the llamas.

My little hatchlings! :)

So sweet!!!

Oh, now he is in the wagon.

Cael loved the pygmy marmosets. When we told them what they were he said, 'Oh, like on Diego.'

Thank you Ms Lindsay for a great day at the zoo!!!

Emmett's 1st Birthday

So last Monday started out rough. At 2am Emmett woke up with his seal-like bark. Yep! He had croup, AGAIN! He also had a fever of about 101. So I took him to the doctor Monday where he was treated with a steroid. I stayed home with him Monday and then Mark stayed home with him Tuesday.

Tuesday night into Wednesday was rough; Emmett woke up several times in the night. Wednesday morning when he woke up I dressed him as usual and then took him into the kitchen for his medicine. When I turned the light on to measure out his medicine and saw the yucky, crusty eyes! Yep! Pink eye! So we went to the doctor where his ears were clear, throat was clear, just the yucky eyes.

Thursday Emmett went to daycare. Thursday into Friday he woke up several times during the night, inconsolable. Friday was his 12 month wellness check anyway so he stayed home until his appointment. Low and behold, he had an ear infection! Yep!

So, needless to say it was a long, cranky birthday week! We did celebrate his birthday with cake and presents Friday night.

I made strawberry cake again which both boys loved!
I can bake pretty good but I cannot decorate so pay no attention to the cake! :)
(And pay no attention to our incomplete cabinets. We need to finish the doors.)
After cake I put them both in the bath because they were a mess. Then in their matching jammies, Cael helped Emmett open his presents.
Emmett did a great job tearing at the paper.

He loved all the toys!

And so did Cael. Poor little guy did not like the idea of presents for someone else. :) But we share around here. What is Cael's is Emmett's and what is Emmett's is Cael's.

Oh, so the stats for the birthday boy were:

Height: 29.5 inches, 45%

Weight: 22lbs 7oz, 68%

Head: 19.5 inches, 98%

**Both my boys have big heads! Geniuses I tell you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Emmett's 12month photos

We had an adventure taking pictures over the weekend. It took Emmett a few minutes to warm up to the photographer. I think all the pictures came out adorable!

(BTW the following are from the CD they gave us so they are not cropped and prepared for print)


How you doing?

Mr Bright Eyes!

He loved the homemade strawberry cake I made him.

Can you believe it has been a year?