Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Catching Up Part 2

 Cael turned 5 years old in June and then started kindergarten in July. He attends a year-round school. So far we like it because it forces me to take a break more often and then that way we can go see family or they can come see us.

 Wyatt turned 1 on August 27th!  Crazy!

 His brothers helped him with his presents.
 I made him a lemon cupcake for the celebration.  I think he liked it!
 Wyatt had his first haircut at the same place daddy and his Bubbas' get their hair cut.  With a sucker in his mouth he was good to go.

I am sad to say that my grandpa Sawyers past away in September.  He had not been doing well and had been dependent on a feeding tube for 3 years.  However he was not sick at the time he passed so we were not ready for his departure.  There was a very nice service for him in Ararat, VA where I, Kevin, and my step-brother Josh spoke, along with his preacher and music by the choir.  I will miss him dearly.. his birthday was just yesterday and though my heart was heavy I know he is in a better place where he is no longer in pain.  I miss him and I know my grandma misses him but I know that we will see him again.
 The boys were again very sweet to grandma when she was sad.

And Emmett of course is 'wide open' always running 100 mph.  My ball of fire who wants to conquer all the evil bad guys with his Power Ranger - Ninja Turtle- ThunderCat- Batman- and Thor super powers.
 Cael played soccer for the first time with the league at the YMCA.
 He did well.  Some games he was more interested in looking at everything but the ball and what was going on with the game.
 'Thumbs up, mom!'
 Thank you granny and grandpa Morgan for our new trampoline!  Emmett's favorite thing to do is to jump with his brother.  Of course he practices his moves so he can defeat any bad guys who come in the backyard.

Cael has been learning the alphabet through the letterland characters.  For the parade at school Mark made him a Red Robot costume. 

 Someone is a ham for the camera!
 Halloween was a lot of fun!  Of course we were superheroes!!
 Cael and Emmett were the red Power Ranger Mega Force.
 Wyatt's costume was big but it worked.. of course he was the mighty HULK!
 The boys wanted me to be a princess but I tried to explain that I don't keep princess dresses in my closet.  I had my leftover fairy accessories so I put those on to go for our walk around the neighborhood.
 Daddy hug out on the driveway to pass out candy.
Say cheese!
 Mark thought it would be fun to take a picture of my morning bed-head.  'I ain't go no shame!'
 Thanksgiving was a blast!
My brother Kevin, his wife Jennie, and their 4 kids, and my parents came.
House full and fun!!
The kids put on a show for us where they were singing and dancing.
 Even Wyatt and Roxie couldn't resist...
'What does a fox say??'

 Mark deep fried a turkey and I put one in the oven.
Both of them turned out yummy.

 Dziedze and Mark carved up the turkeys.
 The kids were able to play outside a little bit to jump off some energy on the trampoline.

Dziedze had the Redwing game on so the kids piled around to check it out.
Thanks Kevin and Jennie, and Beesha and Dziedze for coming!
So I am caught up for the most part.  I'll have to post the pictures of the house as it was being built and how things look now.
I hope you are all doing well!

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